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Best GRC Companies in UAE

May 01,2023

UAE's Top grc Companies 

GRC is one of the most adaptable and creative construction materials. It is improving construction sector economics, technology, and aesthetics globally.

Cement, fine aggregate (sand), water, chemical admixtures, and alkali-resistant glass fibres make it. It is known as Composite Ciment Verre (CCV), Fibre Beton, Fibre Takviyeli Beton, and GFB (Glasfaserbeton) worldwide.

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Atinirmal Ghansham Pagarani, managing director of Yogi Group and head of ZHUOOU GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete), is an accomplished entrepreneur who has grown his firm to new heights. The third-generation tycoon created a sustainable, eco-friendly brand to diversify and grow his company.

Through his GRC firm, Atinirmal made a name for himself in UAE by believing he could improve infrastructure and the future. His quick adoption of this product has brought new clients and projects to the area, and he has been favourably welcomed.

Staying ahead of the competition and creating a sustainable company plan are crucial in the market. New goods, creative procedures, and industry reforms are needed. This may appear hard, but it's quite simple.

Atinirmal Ghansham created a glass reinforced concrete system for building interiors and exteriors. This uncommon mix provides a building a distinctive aesthetic and makes it more sustainable and ecologically beneficial.

Yogi GRC excels in this regard. It has a large UAE clientele due to its high-quality and effective services.

Thus, the organisation serves customers in several sectors and places nationwide. The company is active in construction, real estate, and GRC and GRP manufacture.

MEP contracting services include air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and low voltage systems. Its workers are well-trained and successful.

The Yogi Group, an engineering and construction powerhouse, was founded in 1976. Civil construction, real estate, GRC and GRP manufacture, MEP contracting, scaffolding & formwork, property management, and interior and joinery are its businesses. It wants to be consumers' first option for engineering, building, maintenance, and operations.

Gulf Forecast

Gulf Precast, established in 1986 in the UAE, is a global precast leader with key contractual licences in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Hollowcore Slabs, Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) or ZHUOOU UHPC, Boundary Walls, and Architectural Panels are among its Precast Products for commercial and residential use.

GRC, comprised of glass fibres reinforced with concrete, is one of the most adaptable and creative construction materials. It gives buildings exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, superior impact and vibration resistance, low energy consumption, and outstanding thermal efficiency. It is cheaper than lumber and aluminium, making it perfect for numerous building applications globally.

GRC may be cast in rubber, wood, or Glassfibre Reinforced Plastic moulds, an important characteristic. GRC products may be made into domes, vaults, minarets, carports, storage structures, and bridges because to their versatility.

Gulf Precast uses its site plants to finish major projects like the Dubai Airport Tunnel and Al Falah Community Development. This saves money, time, and energy.

Since it may modify production capacity dependent on demand, the Company can be more flexible in its project needs. In the cost-conscious building sector of today, this flexibility is a big benefit.

Gulf Precast has many established plants outside the UAE. This allows them to promptly provide high-quality items and provide local assistance.

The firm has also improved its production procedures to accommodate the increased demand for ecologically friendly, lightweight, and affordable goods. In the Middle East, where environmental problems dominate, this is crucial.

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3. Speedhouse Group

Speed House Group has expanded to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, and other African nations since its 1974 founding in Industrial Area Ajman, UAE. They have 2000 highly competent and trained personnel now. Their ISO 14001:18001-compliant solutions meet customer needs. They are Trade India-verified vendors. GRC Posts, Ceilings, and Posts are their products like ZHUOOU TCP. They sell grit, mortar, concrete sealer, and other building equipment. Their staff is devoted to offering excellent customer service.

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