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Shanghai Astronomy Museum

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Shanghai Planetarium

Architects: Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute and Ennead international architectural office

Project features: as the largest planetarium in the world, the selection of materials is in line with the green concept of the building - GRC system is located at the bottom of the main building in a radial spiral shape. At the beginning of the trail, the largest plate area is 2.7m2, which is trapezoidal and the longest is 5.6m. At the joint, the plastic hidden seam is used.

BIM Technology Application: BIM model is used to make the simulation animation of steel structure and curtain wall construction special scheme in the sphere curtain wall area and large cantilever area, and the positioning points and lines are obtained by cutting the 3D model of special-shaped curtain wall and steel structure.

Shanghai Disneyland Yolai Town

Shanghai Disneyland Yolai Town

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